The Canadian Pharmacy Launches Attractive Partnership Program for US Health & Medicare Insurance Professionals

The new Medicare prescription drug program has been unveiled and it’s no secret the program leaves a lot to be desired, for both American patients struggling to afford their medications, and for the thousands of insurance professionals working hard to overcome Medicare’s many inadequacies. Today The Canadian Pharmacy ( has taken their Canadian pharmacy service to the next level by introducing an innovative program that encourages US health insurance professionals to help spread the word about Canadian drug savings.

The Canadian Pharmacy has helped thousands of US patients avoid the many pitfalls of the Medicare Rx program and reports that 90% of eligible Medicare beneficiaries spending less than $7500 US annually in retail drug expenses will benefit more financially by ordering their drugs from Canada than through Medicare. For most people, Canadian pharmacies are the best financial option.

Millions of US seniors continue to choose Canada because of superior savings; others opt for Canadian drugs as a way to fill the gaps in the Medicare program. Despite superior savings, some US seniors are choosing Medicare, in part because of an unprecedented effort now underway from Medicare agents trying hard to overcome mounting objections and convince their clients that their program offers the best coverage.

Through The Canadian Pharmacy’s Partnership Program, there is now a substantial opportunity to be realized for US health insurance professionals to do what is in the best interests of their clients and themselves by referring clients to The Canadian Pharmacy whenever patients are faced with paying full price for a drug out-of-pocket. Such occasions will be frequent considering limited drug coverage under many plan’s formularies, and the complete absence of coverage in the infamous donut hole.

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“Our partnership program is a natural compliment to Medicare and will help beneficiaries maximize Medicare’s benefits while helping US health insurance professionals offer their clients a new level of savings,” says David Zimmer , Director of Business Development for The Canadian Pharmacy. “We have been aware for some time that, despite superior Canadian savings, many US patients choose Medicare on the advice of their insurance professionals, in part because agents are compensated for selling Medicare plans. Our partnership program offers more attractive compensation than Medicare. It’s win-win for everyone, US customers and now, also their insurance agents.”

Millions of US patients have already discovered that they need not pay twice as much for the same drug. The key is to purchase only from licensed, certified pharmacies like The Canadian Pharmacy. The Canadian Pharmacy’s website ( features a simple Medicare savings calculator comparing annual Medicare drug costs to buying from The Canadian Pharmacy. Most patients will realize savings of 40-85% simply by ordering directly from The Canadian Pharmacy. Annual savings exceed Medicare discounts by an average of 20-40%.

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