Canadian Drugs Get Green Light in Nevada

May 5th is the date Nevada residents will be able to legally buy prescription drugs online from licensed Canadian pharmacies.

The Nevada State Board of Pharmacy adopted regulations approving the sale of Canadian drugs this morning. Senior advocate groups call it a giant step forward. But it’s not just seniors who may benefit from the decision. The decision means all of us will be able to buy prescription drugs legally from Canada.

In some cases the brand name drugs are 30 to 50-percent cheaper in Canada. As some health care plans refuse to cover some drugs this may give Nevada residents an important option for their medication.

A number of people and local groups testified for approval Thursday morning. The National Association of Chain Drug Stores, a local pharmacy owner, and the Food and Drug Administration spoke against it.

FDA spokeswoman Janet McDonald said, “The regulation is illegal. Second, it is a potentially unsafe practice. It puts the consumers in the State of Nevada in a buyer beware situation.”

In the end, the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy discounted those objections and passed the regulation.

But, Canadian pharmacies wanting to legally sell prescription drugs to Nevada residents must first be licensed by the the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy.

Louis Ling, general counsel for the board of pharmacy, says Nevada will be the first state in the nation to license and have regulatory control over Canadian pharmacies.

Again, Nevadans can legally buy Canadian prescription drugs beginning Friday, May 5th when the board of pharmacy will post the names of the pharmacies to the public on its website

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